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Rose: Rosaceae; Rosa... The rose has been celebrated since antiquity, representing such classical goddesses as Isis and Aphrodite. It is venerated as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment in many Western mystical traditions. Dante's Paradisio envisions the highest point of heaven as being a white rose. Religious traditions, such as Rosicrucianism, have taken their name from the rose, as have certain sacred tools and practices, such as the Rosary. Most wild roses have five sepals and petals, which Christians have associated with the five wounds of Christ. Modern Pagans often associate the five pointed rose with the five points of the pentacle. Mystic poets, such as Rumi, Blake and many others have praised the virtues of the rose, most often linking it to our most divine emotion--love. The Victorian Language of Flowers offers several meanings for rose, each depending on the coloring of its petals.

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Edited by Chas Bogan

Betwixt the snowy white and passionate red sprouts the blushing pink rose, representing that state between innocence and rapture. When singularly given to another, it may represent feelings that are more romantic than friendship yet less carnal the lust; whereas multiple pink roses may be given to a friend as a thank you. It is also known to speak of grace, an elegant display of pink roses is a statement of refinement.


Black: Anarchy / Death

Blue: Mystery / Secrets

Lavender: Gay / Enchantment

Orange: Desire / Lust

Pink: Grace / Friendship

Red: Love / Romance

Silver: Poetry / Class

White: Innocence / Chastity

Yellow: Friendship / Jealousy
Rose Flower Sorcery

A Sweetening Spell
A Pink Rose Sweetening Spell

Do you wish to sweeten another's disposition towards you? Try offering them some candied rose petals. All you need are:

2 cups fresh pink rose petals (rinsed)
1/2 pound of confectioner's sugar
1 cup powdered sugar
2 cups water

Bring the water to a boil, then stir in the confectioner's sugar, repeating the name of whomever you wish to sweeten as you are stirring. Eventually this syrup will spin a thread, at which point it is ready to remove from the stove. Let it cool. As is begins to crystallize, add some petals, stirring them in to coat them, then removing them with tongs or chopsticks. Lay these on wax paper. When you have finished, pour some powdered sugar into your left hand and blow it across the petals or coat them. Flip them over, and repeat, this time with your right hand. Give them as a gift, or simply have one to offer the target of your affection.

Rose Mythology


The Roman goddess Rhoanthe was so beautiful these she was besieged by suitors and forced to take refuge in Diana's temple. Diana, however, grew jealous of Rhoanthe's beauty, and so turned her into a pink rose. A similar fate was enacted on those men who pursued Rhoanthe to the temple, for they were transformed into the thorns of the rose.

Different versions of this myth holds that its was Apollo who turned Rhoanthe into the rose, either because she rejected his advances, or more nobly because Rhoanthe sought to unseat his sister Diana's role as goddess.

When admiring a pink rose it is wise to remember that such beauty often has its price, imprisonment and pain being the payment.

Pink Rose Folklore
Parents have long had problems being honest with their children about where babies come from, preferring instead to fill their wee heads with tales of storks and such. One bit of English lore told to children claimed that baby girls were born from pink roses.
Pink Rose Hand With Wedding Band


How We Came To Have Pink Roses

Once, ever and ever so long ago, we didn't have any pink roses. All the roses in the world were white. There weren't any red roses, or any yellow ones, or any pink ones. There were only white roses. One morning, very early, a little white rosebud woke up and saw the sun looking at her. The sun stared so hard, the little white rosebud did not know what to do. She just looked up at him and said, "Why are you looking at me so hard?" "Because you are so pretty," said the big, round sun. This made the little white rosebud blush. She blushed very pink, and all her little children since then have been little pink roses. -Grover

Pink Rose Botanical Illustration As erst in Eden's blissful bowers.
Young Eve surveyed her countless flowers,
An opening Rose of purest white
She marked with eye that beamed delight,
Its leaves she kissed, and straight it drew
From beauty's lip the vermeil hue.
Pink Rose Poetry
Ah! thou hast left to live; and in the time
When scarce thou blossom'dst in thy pleasant prime:
So falls by northern blast a virgin rose.
At half that doth her bashful bosom close;
So a sweet flower languishing decays,
That late did blush when kissed by Phoebus' rays;
So Phoebus mounting the meridian's height.
Choked by pale Phoebe, faints unto our sight;
Astonished Nature sullen stands to see
The life of all this all so changed to be;
In gloomy gowns the stars this loss deplore.
The sea with murmuring mountains beats the shore.

Pink Rose Poetry

He flew the length of India
Where the weird wild banyon grows
There met the Peacock Emperor
Where, after tea, took together,
Our falcon pluck’d a tail‐feather
& won him a light‐pink rose.
Peacock and Roses

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