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ANGEL'S TRUMPET: Solanaceae; Brugmansia - Becoming fragrant at dusk and lingering throughout nightfall the luscious scent of the Angel's Trumpet is intoxicating, as are its reputed psychoactive properties. Angel's Trumpet is the common name given to flowers of the Solanaceae family, both Daturas (herbaceous plants with upturned blossoms known also as Moonflowers) and Brugmasias (small shrubs or trees with pendulous blooms), the latter of which is our present pursuit. These flowers resemble the angelic horns of Judgement in the Tarot, aimed downward to awaken the dead. They are similarly purposed in flower sorcery to encourage communication with the deceased. Because their scent and soul belong to the night, they know what mysteries hide there and are therefore ideal allies for pursuit of the occult arts.

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Edited by Chas Bogan
Brugmansia shares the name 'Angel's Trumpet' with another member of the solanancae family, Datura. Indeed, Brugmansia was classified as a type of datura until 1805, then given its own genus named after Dutch natural history professor Sebald Justin Brugmans (1763-1819). Brugmansia grow as shrubs and small trees, growing as tall as 36 feet but less so on average. It's leaves are large, and its flowers, from which it's common name is derived, are trumpet shaped and hang downward. Their fragrance grows stronger at twilight and lasts throughout the evening.

Angel's Trumpet began its travels in the early 1800's, leaving South America, where it was used as a hallucinogen. Both it's psychotropic effects and the fact that is it fragrant at night identify Angel's Trumpet with ancestral spirits, and the trumpet shape of it's flower can easily be seen as an amplifier for their voices. A hallucinogenic drink derived from angel's trumpet was given to children with behavioral problems, with the belief that their ancestors would speak through the drink to admonish them and correct their behavior. Brugmansia had some medicinal uses, which allegedly aided in reducing pain and inflammation, and as an expectorant. It is considered toxic, and care should be given when handling any part of the plant.

Angel's Trumpet is popular in Hawaii, where it was introduced in 1825 off the ship Blonde that arrived from Rio de Janeriro. It has quickly become one of their sacred flowers, which they call 'nanahonua,' meaning "gazing earthward." Hawaiians smoked the leaves, creating their own tradition of hallucinogenic ritual.

Angel's Trumpet is a more recent entry into the language of flowers, and therefore interpretations vary. The characteristics often given involve associations with angels and celestial powers, communication with the dead, and the Judgment card from the tarot.
Angel's Trumpet Flower Sorcery

To Send A Letter To The Dead
To Send A Letter To The Dead
The dead can hear us, if only we call upon them and speak. Yet sometimes a more formal mode of communication is desired. For this purpose you will need to compose a letter to your beloved dead. A nice page of stationary is most suitable, however be aware that you will need to fold it afterward and fit it inside an angel's trumpet flower.

Once that has been done it is as simple as putting a stamp on it (consider this an offering to the spirit of the flower; if the postal service does not deliver a message for free then why should your spirit ally not expect a respectful fee)?

This peculiar post should then be buried. Near the grave of its intended recipient would be best, or in any graveyard, or at a crossroads. Lacking any of those options, anywhere in the earth will ultimately do, not as a first class delivery perhaps, but your message will be delivered nonetheless.

Angel's Trumpet Stamp

To Send A Letter To The Dead
To Become A Moth
When exploring the magical uses of a flower, it is important to take note of how it is pollinated; what creatures, such as birds or butterflies, have a symbiotic relationship with the flower. In the case of Angel's Trumpet that creature is the moth, which is why brugmansia's wait until evening to release their fragrance. The moth is able to navigate through the dark hours. We can ponder this symbolism, finding inspiration in the moth for those times in our life that seem most dark and dire. We also can think of this is term of our night work, especially in regard to astral travel. According to the Three Souls paradigm of the Faery Tradition, our Fetch soul is that part of us able to leave the physical body and move through the astral realms.
Fetch often takes the form of an animal, called our Fetch Beast, and for this practice we will encourage it to take the form of Moth with the hope that it will thereby better navigate the sunless space of the astral.
Like moth drawn to flower scent
Fetch come forward for your ascent
Wing worn eyes provide me sight
To perceive the details of our flight
Please note: The spells contained on this page are not intended as a substitute for any legal, financial, psychiatric and or medical services.

Angel's Trumpet in Folklore
Legend says that on Samhain night the Arddu leads the Wild Hunt, capturing lost souls. Should you find an Angel's Trumpet tree in bloom on that night, you will hear its flowers trumpet the start of the hunt. Cover your ears and run inside, least some panicked spirit escape into you to avoid the Hunter.
Angel's Trumpet In Folklore
If an Angel's Trumpet is fragrant during the daytime, it means that someone nearby you has died. Under the influence of this scent, you may see his or her ghost.

Arddu Leading The Wild Hunt at Samahin
The otherworldly scent of the Angel's Trumpet flower attracts not only moths, but haints as well. There are several fixes to keep from being haunted. A blue bottle can be hung from the tree, or placed over a dead branch. Cascarilla (powdered eggs shells) can be placed to encircle the trunk of the plant, which should be done with each full moon, as the powder will sink into the soil with the alternative benefit of providing calcium for stronger flowers.
Angel's Trumpet in Prose & Poetry

Angel's Trumpet on a Faery altar, photograph by Chas Bogan
Piercing down from heaven’s crown
Thy horn in silent sound
Intoxicating song of scent
Alluring souls beneath the mound.
- Storm Faerywolf

Relentless Time! that steals with silent tread,
Shall tear away the trophies of the dead.
Fame, on the pyramid's aspiring top,
With sighs shall her recording trumpet drop;
The feeble characters of Glory's hand
Shall perish, like the tracks upon the sand;
But not with these expire the sacred flame
Of virtue, or the good man's awful name.

Angel's Trumpet is especially linked to angel's whose iconography include a trumpet, including Gabriel, Israfil and Moroni.
Image left: A Faery Altar for Black Ana
photograph by Chas Bogan
Things To Know About Angel's Trumpet
Ancient Colombians mixed Brugmansia with tobacco and maize beer to make a narcotic brew. This was given to the wives and slaves of dead kings, numbing them so that they would not protest being buried alive with their deceased master. In this capacity Angel's Trumpet may be responsible for legends of zombie slaves.
Angel's Trumpet Tips
Anyone who has tried to add these flowers to an arrangement has quickly been diasppointed, since they last all of about half an hour when their stems are placed in water. There is trick however. Cut off as much of the stem as possible, and cut a slit at the bottom of the flower. Next, push the flower into a vase of water, allowing the water to enter through the slit and fill the bottom part of the trumpet. When partially submerged in water your angel's trumpet can last for a couple of days.
Angel's Trumpet Tips
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Angel's Trumpet Tips