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Faerie Tradition Goddess of the South, Queen of Fire: Tana
I conjure open the Well of Plasma!
And peer into the Eternal Flames!
Hail Tana!
Liquid Flame!
Scarlet Lust!
You who burn with growth and destruction
In the Passion of Life and Death
Reveal now your grand seduction!
We salute thee, IAO!

She appears as liquid fire, sometimes molten magma, but at others simply plasma in a liquid-like form. Sometimes she appears as lightning, arcing from the sky and into the earth. She is often dancing wild, ecstatic, sparks and flames jumping from her burning aura as she moves. She is the explosive power of all fire, whether that be in the smallest candle flame, or in a raging inferno, or the nuclear processes in the heart of every star. She is the geo-thermal power in the center of the earth, as well as the heat and adrenaline in our bodies. She brings both change, and destruction, as heat can cause chemical changes in objects (as in food being cooked, or stones changing characteristics when exposed to higher temperatures while forming) or even completely obliterate them (a forest or building burning to the ground in a raging fire).

-Text and sigil: copyright 2011 Storm Faerywolf

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