Victor H Anderson

Victor H. Anderson


Victor H. Anderson Eulogy on White Wand

Victor H. Anderson Obituary at East Bay Times


The Mighty Dead

Anything Worthwhile Is Dangerous, quote by Victor Anderson, Design by David Salisbury

May 21

Day of Passing
September 20

Tea for Victor

To honor Victor H. Anderson an offering of black tea (Lipton) with a pat of butter in it is traditional.

In honor of Victor H. Anderson, tribute by Temple of Faery

Happy Birthday Victor H Anderson, by Modern Witch Online

Image Credits:

"Anything Worthwhile Is Dangerous" quote by Victor Anderson, Composition by David Salisbury

"Holder of the Crimson Thread..." Poem and Composition by Storm Faerywolf for Temple of Faery

"Happy Birthday Victor" quote by M. Macha NightMare, Composition by Devin Hunter for Modern Witch Online



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