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Valerie (Freya) Pearl Langham Walker
AKA: Veedub
1938 - 2018

Founder of the Dustbunny line of the Feri tradition, holder of the Black Wand.

To honor Valerie Walker, an offering of any of the following would be apropriate. In her own words:

"beans on toast, poppies, anything redolent of WW2 Britain, English Breakfast tea (one milk, two sugars), chocolate (dark), cucumber sandwiches, Star Trek Voyager, sunday’s with the New York Times, bright colors, doowop, Mozart, anything that makes me laugh, romance novels by Georgette Heyer, lavender, oh i could go on..."

May 16

Day of Passing
June 7

Arddu, I sing for thee to come sweetly.
Be gentle, grandfather, be gentle
And bestow your great Mystery.
For you are about to meet someone really special.

Ana, I sing for thee to come sweetly.
Be gentle, grandmother, be gentle
Make a space close in your council,
For you are about have someone really special
over for tea and a chat and a whole lot of laughter.

Ancestors of the Craft, I sing for thee to make ready.
For here she comes, with sass and a genuine heart.
Make a space, by the fire, and offer her a cup,
That she may drink deeply, and with a smile
Look at all that she has done in life
For so many.
How many lives she has touched
And improved
Just by her presence.
Whether she knew it, or not.

And then she will look at all she is going to do
On her new adventures
Through a universe of wonders.
And we on earth will raise our glasses
and sing her name in joyous praise
Vee... Vee... Vee...

--Storm Faerywolf


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