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The Candle Prayer
A Traditional Feri Opening Prayer
Adapted by Storm Faerywolf

The Candle Rite is a traditional Feri opening ritual in which we invoke the presence of the Star Goddess —that primal origin of all creation— by associating symbolically with the creation of the universe. It marks the beginning of every Feri ritual, and is the first step (and in some cases the only step) in the creation of a sacred space. Each ritual in Feri begins with the lighting of the Star Goddess candle, and ends when it is extinguished.

Take your time with this exercise. It may seem overly simple at first, but it is an important step toward the development of your personal power. When you feel comfortable with it, then you may extend it by adding other ritual elements afterward, but in the beginning make sure that you take you time to focus just on the shifting of energy as you light, and then extinguish, the candle.

The Prayer

Begin by performing a relaxation and grounding rite.

Feeling the presence of power within you, light your altar candle (traditionally black) and imagine that some of your power is being sent into the flame where it will radiate back to you with the power of Divinity. Gaze softly at the flame and imagine that this flame is one and the same as the fire of Divine presence that burns within you. Take your time with this. When you feel that you have achieved this sensation, cross your arms over your chest (left over right) and say:

"Holy Mother,
In You we live, move, and have our being.
From You all things emerge.
And unto You all things return."

Bow in reverence to the candle flame, knowing that it not only represents the first light that divided the primal dark, but that it is this very light.

Continue to breathe slowly feeling this presence for awhile. You may then perform whatever other ritual or meditative activities you wish, or you may move on to the next step.

When you are ready, give silent thanks to the Star Goddess for Her presence. Imagine that you are calling back into yourself that power from the candle which you gave to it at its lighting... Feel it enter you on your inhale and feel that you are absorbing it fully, making you strong and whole. Blow out the candle and breathe in silence for the span of at least three breaths.

©2005 Storm Faerywolf

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