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Blue Fire Meditation
Adapted from Traditional Bloodrosian Material
by Storm Faerywolf

Perform a relaxation exercise prior to this working.

Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes fixed upon a candle flame. Softly stare into the flame, clearing your thoughts and concentrating on nothing other than the flame before you.

Become aware of your body, feeling yourself relax. Notice your breathing. Feel your body becoming warm and relaxed. Allow all of your residual tension to flow into the Earth. With each breath you become more and more relaxed. Close your eyes.

Feel yourself floating in darkness on the waves of your breath. Continue to breathe in a slow, deep rhythm. Imagine that the air all around you is beginning to glow electric blue, becoming like an electrically-charged mist or fire so that now you are floating in a sea of electric blue radiance. Know that this electric blue energy is that which powers the natural universe.

As you inhale, feel this light and power enter you through your nostrils. Feel how it flows down your throat and into your lungs. As you exhale you retain the blue fire but allow the air to be released. With every inhale you are able to absorb more and more of this energy that flows out into the rest of your body. Continue to do this until your entire body is completely enveloped and saturated with electric blue fire.

Practice filling yourself up and then emptying yourself completely with your breath.

Pore Breathing

A slight variation from the above. Begin with relaxation and rhythmic breathing. Now, when you are about to absorb the blue-fire, instead of absorbing it through your nostrils and into your lungs, your breath moves through the pores in your skin, filling your entire body with every breath. Continue as above.

Directing the Blue Fire

Charge yourself with the Blue Fire as directed above.

Allow your hands to rest together in your lap. Imagine that the Blue Fire is gathering from your body and into a bright, glowing ball of vibrational energy at the space where your head meets your neck. As you exhale, move the ball down your left arm to your left hand. As you inhale, feel it move to your right hand and back up your right arm to its starting place.

Continue this process until you have established a steady rhythm, and then begin to slowly accelerate the ball while maintaining the slow speed and rhythm of your breath. With every breath the ball moves faster, and faster, until it blurs altogether and becomes a shining bar of electric blue light. Maintain this acceleration without changing your breathing.

When you feel the bar is at its strongest. Open your eyes and look at the space between your hands. Slowly move your hands farther and farther apart, noticing if you can perceive the blue fire moving between them.

Slow the energy down by focusing on your breathing and by visualizing the band of light slowing down, becoming once again a ball, and then finally coming to rest where your head meets your neck. As you continue to breathe, allow this ball of power to dissolve and be absorbed into your body.

Once this exercise has been mastered, try sending the blue fire to different parts of your body, and even outward and into objects that you may be holding, and later objects that are in your line of sight.

Based on Oral Teachings
And adapted by Storm Faerywolf

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