In Darkness Mirror
By Storm Faerywolf
Originally published in "By Witch Eye: Volume One"

There is a light
In the darkness of night
The Radiant Jewel
The giver of sight.

She spirals above in Her cosmic cacophony
As galaxies whirling proclaim Her great majesty.
She shines from above in Her pale lunar symphony
To shine down below on terrestrial destiny.
Shine down below…
Shine down below…

The Star-Child sleeps in the earth down below.

Into the darkened womb of Earth
The place where meets both death and birth
A light, forgotten, now rests in its place
Dressed in the darkness of matter and space.

A light from the darkness! Arise from your place!

He stretches his feathers
He lifts up His face
He dances in spirals
And allures Her embrace.
Two lights in the darkness,
Two sides of Her face.
Their love is eternal
To which they belong.
Love and Beloved,
The mirror! The song!
The blackness of midnight
The promise of dawn.

Reveal the secret, the veil is drawn!

Nine points the star that forms the Gate
And seven tumblers in the lock
By five the key to earthly space
Her Triple Will in life we walk.
The Two have melted now together
And One is fleeing from the shade
Into the darkness of oblivion
And here we see our prayer is made.

Into the face of darkness mirror
We clear our thoughts and cast our gaze,
As Ana the Black will make things clearer,
At least when comes our end of days.

©2002 Storm Faerywolf



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