Back in early 1994, I submitted Coven of Avalon for membership in the Northern California Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess (CoG). At that meeting, two witches came forward to offer their support: Alison was one of these women. She offered to recommend us for membership, as two letters of recommendation from known CoG members are required. Her only request was that she participate in a ritual with us, to which we agreed.

This was a unique request, as we are a group of gay/bi/queer men who celebrate the mysteries of the Old Religion, and gay men's mysteries. This means that, to date (21 July 2004 CE), Alison is the only woman to ever participate in one of our rituals in celebration of the Lady and the Lord. Her presence at our ritual was sweet, fully authentic, and so very welcomed, as we danced, sang, and celebrated the Craft. She was a kind and generous person - impish and delightful - and we miss her terribly.

Three Coven of Avalon priests came to the Santa Cruz ritual in her memory on Saturday, 18 July 2004, to honor this wonderful woman and priestess. We remember Alison and she holds a very special place in the hearts of the priests of the Coven of Avalon and in our history.

Alison, we count you among our Mighty Dead, as well as our Beloved Dead. Walk the hallowed paths of The Shining Land in joy and peace.


The Reverend James Lovette-Black
Elder, Coven of Avalon
Celtic Reconstructionist Tradition


To a very special person in my life:

This Woman taught me love, forgiveness and purpose. I have never known someone who was so powerful in such a loving way. In my darkest travels for truth, she held out a nonjudgmental hand and guided me to the joy of Light. Because of this wonderful woman I never feel alone in my spiritual walk, she is a light that will always be in my heart! Thank You my Teacher and Friend.

-David St. John (Corridus Gie Ien Dewin)


How Alison set me free

This is how Alison set me free from the bindings and contraints of my Christian past. Of course, I thought I was free, until one day last year. It was at my first-ever Merry Meet, and we were taking part in a workshop taught by Amber K and her partner Azrael. It was on the subject of teaching. Amber and Azrael were handing out buttons as rewards for answering questions. Alison got the one I wanted. It said "Hogwart's Faculty."

At the break, I said, "Alison, I covet your button."

She took it off and gave it to me.

"You shouldn't reward me for coveting!" I said.
"But Janus, dear, you're not a Christian anymore." She replied.

That moment may seem like a small thing, but it was exactly the message I needed. I am certain that Alison touched countless lives in just this way. It doesn't take a lot of words when you have that gift for providing just the right encouragement at the perfect moment.

-Janus Blume


My singing partner, Robin Dolan, and I have taken to singing an acappella duet of "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You", which we adore.From the very first time Alison heard us sing it, she told us of an old french song, Plasir d'Amor, which is the same basic melody. She always wanted us to look it up & sing it. Upon hearing of her declining health I found a copy at the local library. I was going thru it the day before her death. It is my intention to make sure it's on Moonrise's next recording, dedicated to her memory.

There's never enough time, but so long as we *remember* that, death is doing
it's job.

Many blessings,
DJ Hamouris


Traveling from San Fran to Ukiah in the winter of '83, (IIRC) Sequoia stopped at Alison's place. I was very young and very impressed to be meeting someone whose photo I saw in The Great Book (Drawing Down the Moon). Alison welcomed me to her home and we sat and talked and admired the serpents (I remember that Sequoia ended up tied to the chair by a snake wrapped through her hair and the back of the chair!). Sorry, nothing profound to share with you; news of her passing has deeply saddened me; she was a wise and graceful lady.

-Jorah Moss
Indian Land, SC


I wish I could be more articulate -- but I have been unable to find the right words. All I can say is that Alison saw something special in each person -- and was able to push us to achieve goals we never dreamed were possible. She was fair and honest. She helped and encouraged me in CoG and in my personal life.

There shall be a returning for thee, my friend, Alison.

-- Catherine Rhianonn Starr


I first met Alison in 1982. I was just an obscure friend of a friend, visiting from Utah, a new initiate and no one of consequence. We shared a pleasant afternoon at her home.

It was many years before I chanced upon her again at a gathering at Harbin Hot Springs. Upon seeing me, she not only welcomed me by name but demonstrated in the following conversation that she remembered other details about me as well. Such a simple and powerful act of acknowledgement and regard astonished me and served as an important example that I will emulate forever more. She was a community builder, and through those of us who she touched, so she continues to be.

- Michael Finnegan Rhys